At the end of the rope...

Click on the image to unwrap the strip :



Got it?

Well, if you don’t it’s not a big deal, because the main thing about this strip is the concept!

As you’ve probably noticed yet, I tried something new : When you click on a panel, it unveils the next one. Deadly simple, but it has quite a few advantages, in my point of view:

-       If the last panel is very obvious to the reader, it can sometimes spoil the story and ruin the effect of surprise.

-       By doing an intriguing first panel, you can easily catch the attention of the reader. If he wants to know the end, he will have to act, which causes him to be more engaged in his reading experience, wich is nice!

-       Also I find the unwrapping animations pretty groovy! :)


Another point that makes me very happy is that everything is done WITHOUT  USING FLASH !! (You heard me! ;)

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Everything is coded in HTML5 (it’s HTML + JavaScript and CSS), using the awesome Adobe Edge. (More infos there => )

That means that, these animations will run on all iOS devices like iPods, iPhones and iPads! (win! :)

‘Cause as you know, Flash is not compatible with Apple’s mobile devices. So, if Flash is vowed to disappear, we better embrace sooner than later, stronger technologies like HTML5! Or at least that’s what I believe…

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So anyway, please let me hear your thoughts on the subject: Animated strips : fun or annoying ?


By the way, this is a picture I did for a contest. I didn’t won (nothing new there), but it was very fun to make! The point was to make an adaptation of a given character in your own style. I chose this girl :

Wich gave that :