Super Powers

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to have when I was a kid: superpowers !

I used to try really really hard to make an actual energy ball come out of my hands. But shockingly, I could never get the hang of it ! (and yelling kamehameha ! didn’t helped at all!!). Needless to say, I was disappointed…

Then I grew up. Then I discovered After Effects (a program used to make special effects)! It doesn’t give me actual superpowers, but I can tape myself or someone else pretending to have them ! And, well… that’s close enough ! ^^
For this first test, I asked my lil’ cousin Norman to be on the shot. He didn’t know what to expect, and I think it finally turned out fine! I hope you’ll appreciate it as much as we did while doing it ! ;)


Here are a few visuals I had to create for the purpose of this video :