The skeleton in the closet

In my quest of trying to become a better artist, I recently re-discovered the benefits of a proper study of the anatomy!

Why do I say ‘re-discovered’? Because a few years ago, I did a little bit of anatomy on my own. I didn’t get very far, I wasn’t very organized, but it made me progress a lot!

But now would be a good time for me to get back on the horse! I really feel my weaknesses when I have to go a little bit into details in my current work, so I challenged my self to re-learn anatomy from scratch.


But first let’s have a look at some of my earliest works:


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What I realized very quickly in my studies back then, was that to understand something, you’d have to know its structure. What’s beneath the form. The thing was that muscles aren’t the foundation of the human form… the skeleton is! So that explained why I was struggling with the terminology, and got so quickly overwhelmed.

I was unstructured in my attempt to understand the human structure. How bad is that! …

So what I’m going to do from now on is to study the anatomy layer by layer. Starting from the skeleton, then each layer of muscles (maybe a little bit of the organs for my own general knowledge), to finish with the skin. And if I can get to know a little bit of the vascular system it would be awesome!

For now, I just finished my skeletal system. It looks like that:


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Is it me or does my skeleton seems happy ?...

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I must say anatomy is one of the most fascinating things for me. I can’t seem to get tired of it!

… Except maybe when I have to draw ribs and vertebrae… There are way too much of them and they are so painful to draw! (Come on! We don’t need to be that flexible anyway, don’t we ?... x)

That last thing I would want to mention is the man who motivated me to get serious about anatomy : Ryan Kingslien. He is a wonderful sculptor, and his passion for anatomy is very contagious!

Check out his video where he's explaining a lot of things, but most importantly the reason why artist should learn their anatomy and nomenclatures… It’s simply stunning!