Bierstadt Study

Ok ! Now I'm just being lazy !  

This time I do have stuff to share but I just don't post it, that's not right ! 

I'm not going to post everything at once thought, but rather take that as a head start so I can do it more often…


So… did I ever tell you I joined Team Awesome => Click here to see the facebook page !

It's a place where we can share our work and get critiqued as well by awesome artists !

So if you are an artist, don't wait another second and join now ! :)


The four horsemen (as they like to call themselves;) also organize livestream sessions where you can improve your skills by painting along with them. That's how I came to do this Bierstadt study.


Here's the original :


And this is my study :


In this one, I've focused on the colors and palette used by Bierstadt. It was definitely a fun exercise to do !