Opus Pocus (Part I)

(Just to avoid any confusion, I didn't made the picture above.)

A few months ago I had to design an illustration for a music festival. This year, the festival revolved around the accordion. 

I'm going to show my sketches progressively, because there is quite a few of them ! And because this was one of my very first experiences as a freelance artist, I'll try to share what I've learned and some of the mistakes I made along the road. So that should be interesting hopefully ^^' !

Here are the first ones I presented : 

 Tienanmen Square.


 This was the original idea of Da Vinci.



Too bad the archeologists never found the missing arms of the Venus of Milos… 

 I even refined this idea a little more :

The idea was pretty obvious : using popular  art pieces and put an accordion on it ! ^^

It really pleased the client at first, but because he thought people would have a hard time figuring it out, he decided that he wanted to try new ideas…

To be continued ;) …