T-Shirt Design !

Today I’m presenting a design work that was given to me by friends who are Canne de combat patricians. It’s a French martial art where the weapon is a light wooden cane, and where agility and reflex are kings!

So there’s a visual I designed for the club created by my friends. (There’s an untranslatable pun in the name, just so you know…)


Which led me to design a T-shirt for the federation of Canne de combat of Reunion Island.

This was really one of my first design works (2011), so I was able to improve my way of communicating my ideas, while doing my best to translate those of the client.

It’s very important when I’m designing something for a client, to show enough iterations of my work at different stages. It ensures that his ideas can express themselves and be carried until the, hopefully, satisfying end result.


After the sketch was selected (sketch B), I rendered it with different sets of colors. The constraints were to work only with flat colors, and with the fewest of them as well…


After quite some back and forth, we settled on a final version declined for men and women. As the placement was crucial, I found a way to visualize what the end result would be on an actual T-shirt.



And this is the final result IRL ! ;)